Booking Widget

Max allows you to insert a booking widget into your website. The customers will be then able to select arrival date, number of guests and number nights directly on your website.


The code for the widget is generated in the Max admin center. However, it is also possible to adjust the widget settings through URL parameters. The widget language is either automatically selected based on the user agent or it can be specified through the lang parameter.

URL parameters:

  • id - Property ID
  • <SOMETHING>_color - Colors for various widget parts
  • google_analytics_tracking_id - Google Analytics tracking ID
  • max_persons - Maximum number of persons
  • max_nights - Maximum number of nights
  • lang - Widget language. This can be used for example to dynamically change the widget language when the website language changes.

Google Analytics

To use Gooogle Analytics with the widget it must be first enabled in the Max admin center. The tracking ID is specified through the google_analytics_tracking_id parameter.

Cross Domain Tracking

Since the widget is used within an iframe, we must properly hand over the client id to ensure seamless tracking. To do so, include the following script on the page where you will be using the widget.

<!-- widget - Google Analytics cross-domain tracking -->
<script src=""></script>